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Understanding Printmaking

Annebelle Schreuders

Posted on December 14 2016

As I initiated this project and started telling friends about what I wanted to do, what surprised me was how little people have been exposed to the process of the printmaking. Fine art printmaking is, in most cases, a labour intensive collaboration between artist and master printmaker.  

Currently TEKEN mostly sells Lithographs. I love the great big stone used in this process. I am reading PRINTMAKING - A Complete Guied to Material and Processes.

"What prints in a lithograph is what is drawn on the surface of the stone or plate. Lithography is a chemical process based on the principle that oil and water don't mix. The artist draws on a specially prepared flat stone or metal plate with a greasy substance.  The stone or plate is then chemically processed to create mutually exclusive printing and non-printing areas.

If this sounds a bit too technical, watch a beautiful film create by Bill Newsinger

Kate Desforges - Stone Lithography from Bill Newsinger on Vimeo.


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