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Annebelle Schreuders

Posted on August 12 2018

We chat to Ruan Hoffmann, a celebrated South African ceramic artist whose work is enjoyed the world over


When and how did you start making ceramic art?


At school in the ’80s. My debut solo show consisted of just ceramics and it sort of stuck with me, although it’s only one of the mediums I use. Raymond Pettibon talks about having the “bug of the ink”, which is his preferred medium. I guess I have the “bug of the clay”.


Where is your studio?


I am based in Amsterdam. I moved here because it’s closer to my clients. Plus, it’s a great city to live in.


Are there certain materials you prefer to use on clay?


Most of my pieces are made of earthenware paper clay and painted with an underglaze. After that they are re-fired with glazes and lustres.


How do you come up with ideas for your creations?


Persistence. Continuously working. This leads to ideas that develop into other pieces. The one feeds off the other.


What is the most rewarding element about working with clay?


It has a tactile quality that appeals to me.


And the most challenging?


That I don’t want to stop yet.


What are you working on now? And what will we see from you in the future?


I’m busy with an exhibition opening in Paris at the end of March and another in June at Maison de la Ceramique in Dieulefit in the southeast of France.


Three South African artists whose work you’d love to own?


I own work by Brett Murray, Anton Kannemeyer and Ina van Zyl, but I wouldn’t mind more.


Something that’s surprised you along your career path?


That I’m still at it.



Ruan Hoffmann’s work is available through Follow him on Instagram @ruan.hoffmann


















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